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Map Enabled Property Information System

Assessor and Interactive Maps are available for the current tax year only. Maps open in a separate window. If you are using a web browser other than Internet Explorer 5.0 +, Netscape 6.0 +, or FireFox 1.0 +,  you may encounter some problems with the information retrieval and map applications.

Click Help for assistance in seaching by parcel (APN), assessment number (ASMT) or address.

Parcel maps are designed for assessment purposes only and are not official survey documents. The maps available here are NOT CERTIFIED. If you require a map for ANY legal purpose, please contact the County Assessor's Office (209-754-6356), or the County Surveyor's Office (209-754-6416) for assistance. If your map is not found, you may have made an error in entering your parcel number, or there is no corresponding map in the on-line database. This does not mean no map exists.

All data contained on this site is sourced from public documents and is deemed accurate, but is not guaranteed.

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